Summer is coming to an end
and once again the leaves will be turning
to their most beautiful colors.
This is my favorite time of year.

It's when you can feel the chill in the air.
You know that winter is just around the corner.

The thrill of some new beginnings
Along with the sadness of endings
Soon another year will pass from our lives.
Time we can never get back.
Oh it feels like so long since you came home.

Bouncing in from the fall night air.
School will be starting soon....
Oh how I miss those days.
Time flew by so quickly....
And then you were gone.

Oh how I wish I could turn
back the hands of time.
I am to the point in my life where I am
Starting to wish to turn them ahead.

Home has a new meaning to me now.
Forever home....Heaven.
Away from this life on earth.
Some days I can almost feel it coming.

I miss you my sweet Jason.

Fall in Pennsylvania
This is Brady's Run Park
About 2 miles from where I grew up.
Wonderful Memories




Now for fall in Wyoming
This is the mountains directly south
of Glenrock, WY.
This is where we ride our 4-wheelers.
Straight from home.





These photos were taken by me...Susie Dunn
They are not to be taken from this website
Thank YOU!

Your are listening to Sugarland

I was born in the heart of a hurricane season
In the house where my mamma was raised
That old September wind feels
just like a long lost friend
And I...

I want to run though those cottonwood trees
Fall asleep in a big bed of fresh fallen leaves
And in every wind that blows
there's a song of letting go
It's no goodbye, it's hello

We met underneath the blue skies of summer
And those summer skies turn into fall
That sweet September wind
made us so muse more than friends

One Night...

And we ran though those cottonwood trees

We made love in a big bed of fresh fallen leaves
In every wind that blows
there's an innocence that knows
It's not goodbye, it's hello

In the moment that one thing ends
Is the same time that one begins
And return as we must
We are ashes to dust, amen.

When the days of my youth have all faded
And the memories are all that remain
Let that old September wind
take me back to where I've been
So I...

I can run through those cottonwood trees
And remember the smell of those fresh fallen leaves
Now in every wind that blows
there's a part of me that knows
It's not good-bye, it's hello

**Sugarland's Hello**

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